I can assist you in buying any types of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options or other investment products you may need through my broker dealer TradePMR.

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Why Choose Us

If you don’t want to go with one of the big companies, where you are just a number, choose us. If you don’t want to go with one of the big companies where you spend more time with your adviser’s assistant than your adviser, choose us.

If you want a professional adviser who is going to give you hands on advice, choose us. You will have my cell phone, and we want as many calls as you need to feel comfortable. We will meet with you face to face as many times as you wish, to listen to you, and make you feel comfortable that your portfolio is being maximized to suit YOUR needs, and your risk tolerance.

If you want a professional who has all the resources of a big company, choose us. We use MoneyGuidePro, and can do the same research and analysis as the big boys, at a lower price, because our overhead is lower. Our broker / dealer is “Charles Schwab”. They provide some of the most cutting edge research in the industry.

But bottom line, you will get professional, face to face advice at a reasonable rate, and we will relentlessly pursue satisfying and exceeding your goals”

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Charles Schwab Money Guide Pro Asset Dedication

Your assets will be maintained by an unaffiliated, qualified custodian, such as a bank, broker/dealer, mutual fund companies or transfer agent. Your assets are not held by our advisory firm or any associate of our firm.

Greg Gustin

Greg GustinPresident, MBA, RICP®