I can assist you in buying any types of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options or other investment products you may need through my broker dealer TradePMR.

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What We Do

To state it simply, we take you from where you are in your financial life to where you want to be. We walk you through this complicated process, and make it easy. We do most of the paperwork, analysis, and grit work to get you from point A to point B in a way that is easy to understand, and more importantly, reflects what YOU WANT TO DO.

For some clients, it may be important to get on track with life insurance, and education planning for their children. For others it might be to review your current investment portfolio and make sure you are on the efficient frontier (getting the most return for the risk you are taking). For others, it may be necessary to do a COMPLETE financial plan, in the model taught by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. You may want to go over an existing portfolio, and make sure your portfolio is paying as little tax as possible. Whatever your needs, we can take you from point A to point B.

We specialize in RETIREMENT as well. We help verify that when you retire, you have enough income to live comfortably and securely. You probably won’t be playing the market at this point in your life. HOWEVER you may want to have a guaranteed life annuity that pays you and your spouse for the rest of your lives above social security and grows with inflation so you have SECURITY. We can make your Medicare and social security planning EASY.

We can assist you in buying any types of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options or other investment products you may need through our broker dealerĀ Charles Schwab. They will serve as custodian for your money. That means your money will be kept in a separate account. There is no risk that Trade PMR goes bankrupt and loses your money, because it is YOUR ACCOUNT (Unlike money you put in a bank above the FDIC insurance cap of $250,000 per account).

You will have real time access to your accounts, and can view your portfolio through your home computer, touch pad, or even your cell phone. In addition, you will receive paper statements either monthly or quarterly.

When you are with us, you work with our finance experts. Not our assistant, not our secretary. We will never take on a client who we cannot meet in person. You can meet us at our office (1540 International Parkway Suite 2000 in Lake Mary, Florida), or we will come to your house.

Our goal is to provide personalized service to people in the North Orlando Area, including Lake Mary, Longwood, Heathrow, Sanford, Maitland, Winter Park and all other north Orlando communities.

Our view is because of technology, it is no longer necessary to work for a big bank to gain access to the tools needed to provide accurate financial advice. When you go to a bank, your fee will probably be higher than mine, because the bank has to build the cost of its building, expensive marketing, salaries, etc. into the fee it takes out of your earnings. Because we don’t have all that overhead, we can charge you .75% percent of assets under management.* And we can do it using the same sophisticated software for analysis that they use. We use a software program called “Money Guide Pro,” which does calculations previously reserved for big banks like “Monte Carlo Simulations” and “Efficient Frontier Analysis.” Most importantly, this program takes complex information and reports it in a way that’s EASY to read and understand (probably UNLIKE the statement you are currently receiving).

As Qualified Plan Specialists we are also available for Business Succession Planning.

What we don’t do:

We are not day traders. We do NOT make a commission off of buying and selling stocks. That is not our goal. Our goal is to provide you with a BALANCED portfolio that suits YOUR needs. When we establish the amount of risk that is appropriate for YOU, we maximize your portfolio and verify that you are on the “efficient frontier”. That means you eliminate as much risk as possible, for the return that you need. Factors that normally influence risk include age, wealth, and risk tolerance; however we know that EVERYONE’S needs are different.

As stated in our “brochure,” or ADV part 2A, we believe in Strategic Asset Allocation and Tactical Asset Allocation as good philosophical methods of investment. “Strategic” means we set up the portfolio and then balance it as income grows and the portfolio shifts. This method is similar to buy and hold, and is proven historically to be a successful strategy, if you are willing to take a long term view, and ride out market falls like 2000 and 2008.

“Tactical” means we are more aggressive with your portfolio. If your risk tolerance is higher, you might want to take a small portion of your balanced portfolio and buy some stocks you believe in. You might want to take a portion of your portfolio and “short the market” if you anticipate a fall (i.e. profit based on the amount the market goes down to reduce your loss). “Tactical” means you might want to focus on one market segment that is perceived to be good (i.e. technology or pharmaceuticals).

Whichever method you choose, we are here for you, and your .75% of “assets under management” fee covers your trades.

In CONCLUSION: Whether or not we are the right adviser for you, we recommend getting a plan done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The sooner you plan your financial life, the cheaper it is. Every year that passes that you do not have a plan in place, the lower your retirement standard of living WILL BE. The longer you wait the more expensive needed products such as annuities and insurance will get. Planning can be an intimidating prospect, but one that NEEDS to be done sooner rather than later. We can make this process as EASY as possible, and once it’s in place, we assure you, you will sleep better at night knowing that you finances are on track.

*Example: .75% of $1,000,000 Assets Under Management = $7,500 per year fee (1,000,000 x .0075 = 7,500). This fee is low compared to typical fees charged in the industry.

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Your assets will be maintained by an unaffiliated, qualified custodian, such as a bank, broker/dealer, mutual fund companies or transfer agent. Your assets are not held by our advisory firm or any associate of our firm.

Greg Gustin

Greg GustinPresident, MBA, RICP®