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Wealth Management

Wealth management can include all of the aspects of an individual’s financial life. There are many people who are under the false impression that wealth management is simply “financial advice”, but it can be so much more than that. For individuals with high net worth, this can make it possible to have a single manager work with all of the financial matters rather than having numerous professionals coordinating everything. This can be exhausting with the busy lives we all live! Having a single financial advisor makes wealth management not only much more personal, but also much simpler for you. After all, managing your money is crucial when making sure the needs of you and/or your family are met. We want to be there for you, to make sure your finances are in order and to listen to any of your concerns or questions.

We want to continually work with you to increase your wealth by developing a detailed plan that will fit your individual financial situation, your financial goals, and level of comfort level when it comes to risk. After we have developed this plan, we will then be scheduling to meet with you regularly to thoroughly go over and rebalance your financial portfolio, figure out if you would benefit from any additional services that we offer, make sure your goals are up-to-date, etc.

Successful wealth management begins with forming a relationship with a professional Financial Planners. We want to sit down and discuss your goals, your situation, your needs, and be there to answer your questions. A lot of people hear “wealth management” and panic, thinking that their money will be handled by a bank or people they will barely even speak to. Our intention is to take that fear and put it to rest, by personally getting to know each of our clients.

Once we have had a chance to get to know one another, we will then help you analyze your needs. We are not going to throw together a generic plan that will not be to your benefit. There are so many factors that come into play when figuring out how to best manage a person’s wealth, and we will take the time to figure out what exactly we need to do to plan for you.

Following analyzing your needs, we will then develop your personalized plan. We cannot stress enough how important this is. Having a well- organized and thought out plan will really take the guesswork out of wealth management. It is important to be utilizing the products and the services that will be right for you.

Of course, just because we have worked with you and helped you develop your plan does not mean it ends there. We will regularly be keeping in touch with you and monitoring performance. This is very important because goals change, additional services may be needed, and your financial portfolio may need to be reviewed and rebalanced. All of these things that may seem little really will make all the difference.

By allowing us to work with you as your financial advisors, you are not only getting personal attention and 100% honesty from our entire team of financial experts, but you are also allowing yourself to rest easy at night knowing that we only work with a highly trusted and experienced group of experts. Helping other people around us manage their finances has always been a hobby of our entire team, but our advisors were fortunate to turn their passion into a career. By choosing us as your financial advisors, you are choosing to work with experts who genuinely care about what is best for you.

Our goal is to serve the people in the communities of the North Orlando Area, including Lake Mary, Longwood, Heathrow, Sanford, Maitland, Winter Park and all over the north Orlando area. You can contact us by phone (407) 536-5220 with any questions or concerns. We hope to be your lifelong wealth managers. You can click right here to Contact Us

As well as offering wealth management services, we also offer many other services that can be extremely beneficial to your unique financial situation and future. As experienced and trusted financial advisors and qualified plan specialists, we also offer services for the retirement planning; portfolio management; estate planning; investment planning; business succession planning; fiduciary services for funds and trusts; and insurance needs analysis, bidding, and purchasing. we look forward to getting to know you and really helping you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

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