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When it comes to your money, you do not want just anybody handling it. You work hard for all of the things you have, which is why you should choose a financial adviser who is going to work hard to make sure you are getting the most out of your money. Some financial advisers will scare you into doing business with them, others will give you grandiose promises but then not delver. The reason why we think we are different from a loft of advisers is because we genuinely care about what happens to each and every one of our clients. We will never give you unrealistic advice, or make plans that would not be beneficial to you. We are not after you for your money. Helping others manage their money has always been something our entire team thoroughly enjoyed, and being able to do this for a living is truly a dream come true. We feel that when we have helped someone else and their family live more comfortably, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Instead of selling you a specific service for our own gain, we want to listen to what goals you have, look at your current financial situation, and give you genuine advice on the best ways to move forward with your money.

Even if you are just entering the working world, we can help you make a customized plan to best take charge of your finances and start planning for retirement early on. If you are working for an employer that offers a benefits package, we can also help you figure it out. These things can be frustrating when you try and figure them out alone, and we want to help take that frustration away.

When people get married or divorced, we can also offer our services as an unbiased third party. When it comes to divorce and marriage situations, the last thing you need to worry about is emotionally charged decisions being made that may not be the best ones. We can help reduce financial loss in the case of a divorce. Sometimes, when a couple is ready to get married or newly married, they find it difficult to have conversations about combining income and assets in marriage. In divorce situations. Sometimes one spouse will have become so emotionally attached to a home that they may be convinced keeping the home would be best. In turn, this can mean they will miss out on retirement savings that could be much more valuable down the line.

Meeting with a financial adviser is also ideal when you come into a large amount of money. Whether it’s an inheritance, significant raise, bonus, or buyout you do not want to make decisions without first planning how to utilize the money. You do not need to be a millionaire to work with a financial planner. Anyone who comes into a significant sum of money is encouraged to speak with a financi al adviser to help keep them from making poor financial decisions

If you are caring for an elderly parent, this can also be a reason to consult a financial adviser. Sometimes, parents may want to stay in their own homes but do not have proper income to afford it. Maybe you want to have them move in with you. Other times, elderly parents may need additional attention and care. This can mean either hiring a home health aide, or finding a suitable nursing home for them. Medical costs and living expenses for aging parents are not always small, and with my help, you can makes rue that you are managing your money in a way that will allow you to care for them.

Once your assets and income have gotten to a certain point, it is a good idea to begin working with a financial planner. When you reach a quarter million is a good time, because you want to really make sure you are maximizing your wealth and assets. There are some instances where people who have reached a more affluent financial status become overly attached to money. They have a fear of investing or the quickly sell off declining investments. A financial adviser can assist you by walking you through complex tax laws and go over investment strategies for high-income tax earners.

We also offer services for retirement planning; estate planning; investment planning; portfolio management; fiduciary services for funds and trusts; business succession planning; insurance needs analysis, bidding, and purchasing; and professional athlete insurance.

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