I can assist you in buying any types of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options or other investment products you may need through my broker dealer TradePMR.

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About Our President

Greg Gustin I have been involved in financial planning for my friends and family for most of my adult life. A few years back I decided to make my passion my job. I enjoy my work, and that's why I am going to be the best financial planner, and financial adviser for you, if you want highly detailed, professional and personalized service.

I received my Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Missouri, in 1992. I finished My Masters of Business Administration from the University of Missouri in 2002. I completed the Investment Adviser Law Exam (Series 65), and Gustin Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

I have completed the Retirement Income Certified Professional, or "RICP®" certification from the American College of Financial Services. The rigorous course curriculum goes in depth in retirement concepts like no other certification. In addition, the main drive of this field of study is CERTIFYING that you have the retirement income you need in retirement. You give me your goal, and we get you there.

My goal is to provide personalized service to people in the Orlando Area, including Lake Mary, Longwood, Heathrow, Sanford, Maitland, Winter Park and all other north Orlando communities.

My view is because of technology; it is no longer necessary to work for a big bank to gain access to the tools needed to provide quality financial advice. When you go to a bank, your fees will probably be higher than mine, because the bank has to build the cost of it's building, expensive marketing, salaries, etc. into the fee it takes out of your earnings. Because I don't have all that overhead, I can charge you .75% percent of assets under management.* And I can do it using the same sophisticated software for analysis that they use. I use a sophisticated software program called "Money Guide Pro," which does calculations previously reserved for big banks like "Monte Carlo Simulations" and "Efficient Frontier Analysis." In addition, my partners at Asset Dedication and I ( See Video ) design highly sophisticated and professionally managed custom portfolios.

*Example: .75% of $1,000,000 Assets Under Management = $7,500 per year fee (1,000,000 x .0075 = 7,500). This fee is low compared to typical fees charged in the industry.

In Partnership With

Charles Schwab Money Guide Pro Asset Dedication

Your assets will be maintained by an unaffiliated, qualified custodian, such as a bank, broker/dealer, mutual fund companies or transfer agent. Your assets are not held by our advisory firm or any associate of our firm.

Greg Gustin

Greg GustinPresident, MBA, RICP®